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A new-look at the heart of a home Posted by Sarah Camm, 08/11/2019

A new-look at the heart of a home

Harwood Homes Interiors can create your dream kitchen, no matter the size. 

The Initial Brief

The client wanted a chic but robust kitchen to suit a country cottage, with plenty of workspace to develop recipes (this is their profession) and lots of storage. The Island unit had to be at the correct height for the client to use, to allow easy working.

They wanted the island unit to act as a breakfast bar as well as enable them to work there on a laptop. Other requirements were a desire to see the garden from the kitchen; for a wine rack to be included and to have as much natural light as possible for photo shoots.

Before refurbishment

The process

The team at Harwood Homes, felt that the kitchen would benefit from a complete overall; the dining area was small with insufficient space for a dining table and chairs.

Fortunately the client was open minded about structural changes, so Mark, design direrctor, suggested a small extension to block off the existing back door, to provide enough room for a table and chairs for four – six people.

As the ceiling height was low, Mark also suggested blocking off a window to allow two runs of furniture with a doorway central to the room.

The team worked with a local architect and sought planning permission and once obtained the refurbishment begun.

Schedule of works

• The ceiling lantern was placed centrally above the island unit.

• The sink run is central on one wall with washing machine and dishwasher either side; with a boiler cupboard and brooms cupboard with decorative glaze units above.

• The other run was based on tall units to gain maximum storage with a large pantry unit in the centre with wine racks either side.

• A fridge freezer housing unit was placed to the left hand side with a double oven/microwave to the right hand side.

• The island unit had seating for two at the rear.

The client chose her preferred builder to carry out the work however the project was managed by Harwood Homes Interiors.

The flooring and lighting was chosen by the client in conjunction with Harwood Homes, viewing an extensive range of samples at the former showroom.

Virtual representation of the completed refurbishment


Client Testimonial

I approached Harwood Homes, with plans, after visiting other companies who didn’t offer a design service or any inspiration. When Mark visited the cottage, he could see that the kitchen would benefit from a complete overhaul, including structural changes, which I was open minded about. I am thrilled with the end results! The Roof Lantern means an abundance of natural light. The extension with double doors means I can see my garden. I love the long induction hob as saucepans are either side so not getting burned by steam reaching over pans. It suits me down to the ground!

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