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How to incorporate 2020's interior trends into your home Posted by Sarah Camm, 05/12/2019

How to incorporate 2020's interior trends into your home

The most influential interior trends of 2020, promise to bring warmth and nature to our homes, with bold shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and buttery tan.

Follow our simple 'how to' guide on incorporating these trends in to your home.

Living Room

2020 sees a strong focus on bouclé. A staple texture in several subtle shades, for a warm, sophisticated and inviting feel, to your home. Smart stitching detail will bring pattern and interest to decorative finishes on sofa arms, footstools and cushions.

When choosing paint for the walls, Earth tones like rich forest greens, taupe and clay colours create a natural look that creates a calm environment made for unwinding after a long day.

A tip from Harwood Homes: A cluttered space doesn’t evoke calm, so a good idea is to box up everything – accessories, soft furnishings, light fittings. Then carefully sort through, choosing only items that will enhance your new look.


Introduce a fun and tropical feel into your home by embracing blooms and foliage for the biggest, boldest and brightest impact. Embrace lively colour, add lush foliage and finish the look with quirky details. Marble is definitely enjoying a resurgence in both Kitchens and Bathrooms. It is a beautiful natural material which comes in a wide variety of colourings, markings and veinings.


Lighting is increasingly becoming a focal point of the kitchen, accentuating the design of the room. Pendant lighting over kitchen islands that match the handles on the cabinets and seamless lighting integrated with kitchen cabinets will be particularly popular.

The colour and style of the small finishes in a kitchen can have a strong impact on the overall look and feel. These finishes usually include handles, taps, pots and pans and electrical appliances such as the kettle and the toaster. For 2020, the colour and metal of choice will be gold. Gold brings an element of richness and warmth to a room that a lot of other metals can’t accomplish.


There’s something regal, luxurious and comforting about canopy beds. Your bed becomes an oasis of style and comfort. Canopy beds are great in any bedroom, however you do have to consider the size and frame of the bed to avoid the look becoming heavy-handed and bulky. For a tester canopy, you can choose to layer fabrics or incorporate, a light breathable fabric that still turns your ordinary bed into a lavish sleeping experience.

Green is such a fresh colour and as we embrace earth tones and sustainable home accessories, it only makes sense to incorporate splashes of green in to your bedroom.
If you want to get in tune with green, you can try leaf-patterned bedding, wallpaper and paintings. 

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