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Kbb Trade Show - Birmingham – 1st - 4th March 2020 Posted by Sarah Camm, 13/03/2020

Kbb Trade Show - Birmingham – 1st - 4th March 2020

The team recently attended Europe's leading kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design show at the NEC in Birmingham. A biennial event, with over 400 exhibitors, (with two of the four days having a record number of visitors), it’s easy to get to, with great transport links from London. The purpose of our trip was for the team to keep abreast of the latest trends, source the latest products and explore technological advances with the Innovation Award winners.

Best bits – what did we see?

BLANCO are our ‘go-to’, when it comes to sinks and taps, so we were keen to view their latest product launches at Kbb. We were immediately sold by the new Tampera Hot tap from Blanco, to rival the popular Quooker alternative; it is simply engineered to be better! As a team, we are all fans of the ‘hot water tap’ and advise all our clients to invest in one – they add so much convenience to your household and if you visited our showroom, you would have seen our display tap within our Kitchen display. This 3-in-1 mixer tap means cold, warm and instant boiling water from a single mixer tap. Having boiling water on-tap without having to wait is a real advantage and saves valuable time. The mixer tap is controlled via a separate hot water rotary knob with a safety catch. After every use, the rotary knob springs straight back to the original position, ensuring maximum safety. The water in the boiler is heated to 105°C to ensure that bacteria and germs are thoroughly eliminated. The insulated spout and the concentrated, low-spray jet of water protects your hands from the hot water.

We were ‘boiled over’ by the tap and instantly made a purchase for a current kitchen refurbishment project.

What did we learn from our visit to Kbb?

 Taking a virtual approach

There was a wide range of ground breaking technology on display, not just in terms of the products but also in terms of services. ‘Virtual Worlds’ launched its latest version of the 4D Theatre, in which it demonstrated how the planning, pricing and ordering process can be simplified, so clients can immediately voice any dislikes or concerns. The technology delivers amazing results by allowing the customer to explore and try out their proposed new kitchen or bathroom, before they buy. Visitors could open cupboards and even turn on the shower! This was a very popular exhibit so sadly, the team at Harwood Homes were unable to test drive the new technology.

Is this ‘big reveal’ experience, the future of selling? Quite possibly!



Luxury boutique hotel style or living in a fish bowl?

It’s on every client’s wish list, an en suite bathroom for their master bedroom. Convenient and functional, they help provide much needed privacy in a family home. However we are entering a new era in bathroom design and products. Baths in bedrooms are not a new thing; bathing in one’s bedroom became popular with the rich in the Middle Ages when ‘bathrooms’ weren’t common place. This trend was revived in the noughties by boutique hotels placing free standing roll-top baths at the end of huge beds. Bathtubs in bedrooms are at last becoming a desirable feature; separate bathrooms are out, hello open plan bathing. This is definitely a high end trend that only works well on a large scale, but if you’ve got the space why not indulge?



The kbb show is definitely an industry highlight. The team were able to see new products first hand and have the opportunity to explore the best of what the industry has to offer. We will be back in 2022!

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